Which Foods are Beneficial for Kidney Stones?

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Kidney stones can be caused by not drinking enough water, exercising too much or too little, eating too much salt or sugar, and eating too much animal protein without enough vegetables.

If you do get kidney stones, you can expedite the process by paying attention to what you drink and eat.

Depending on the type of kidney stone, certain foods should be avoided or eaten. Most people have calcium oxalate type kidney stones.

The best food to eat is a mix of foods that are high in both calcium and oxalate. Calcium and oxalate are more likely to bond when ingested together.

Before the kidneys begin processing, oxalate and calcium are more likely to bind in the stomach and intestines. This reduces their likelihood of developing kidney stones.

Oxalate is naturally present in many foods, including fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, grains, and legumes, according to the National Kidney Foundation.

To add more calcium to your diet, combine greens with dairy milk, kefir made from cow's milk, or nut milk fortified with calcium.

For instance, green smoothies are an excellent way to incorporate these foods. Greens, particularly spinach, are typically high in oxalate.

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