What causes my dog to lick my feet?

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At first, you might find your dog's licking habit amusing, but if it persists in an extreme manner, it might become grating.

Do not fret if your dog is licking your feet and it is driving you crazy. We know why this is happening, and we know how to stop it.

It's because they enjoy the salty and sweaty flavor of your toes and crave your attention if your dog keeps licking your feet all the time.

You probably react to your dog licking your feet by laughing or yelling at them to stop. Even if you yell in a troublesome tone, you're still giving your dog attention.

As a result, they will continue to lick your feet whenever they desire something from you. This is viewed as a game by them.

Other causes are, It's reassuring, especially when anxious. They want to scent your work. They're showing love.

So, is it okay?

Yes it is okay but make sure dogs don't lick your feet after applying harmful creams or ointments or if you have an open injury.

How to Stop It?

You should give your dog a food or a toy every time they try to lick your feet. Another technique to stop the licking is to simply ignore it and move away.

If you've tried everything to get your dog to keep his tongue in his mouth, but he still won't cooperate, you should take him to the vet to rule out any medical issues.

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