Beware of These Symptoms of Monkeypox!

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The WHO labeled monkeypox a worldwide health emergency. The highest WHO alert level indicates that monkeypox is a hazard to world health

There has been an increase in cases worldwide. Therefore, you should be informed of its signs and risk in order to stay safe.


The initial symptom resembles influenza: lethargy, cough, fever, and cough. Lymph node enlargement is also a possibility.


The typical "pox" rash consists of fluid-filled vesicles that resemble small, round blisters and can appear anywhere on the face, genitalia, or torso.

Currently, sexual contact appears to be the most common mode of transmission, although intimate contact with droplets is also possible.

If you've been exposed, get vaccinated right away by contacting your local health authority.

If you have the symptoms, please inform your close contacts, especially your sexual partners, that you may have been exposed.

Use protection when engaging in sexual activity and continue to wear a mask indoors.

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