Zinc and magnesium in pumpkin seeds reduce blood pressure. Pumpkin seed oil is another way to acquire the advantages.


Lobster and crab are zinc-rich. 3 oz of cooked Alaskan king crab provides 6.5 mg, and a small steamed or boiled lobster has 4.7 mg. Shellfish doesn't deliver as many heart advantages as fish.

Crab and Lobster 

Mushrooms, spinach, broccoli, kale, and garlic are zinc-rich veggies. Raw mushrooms provide 0.36 milligrammes of zinc per cup.

Mushrooms and Kale

Chickpeas, lentils, and beans also contain zinc. Hummus, edamame, and black beans provide zinc and other nutrients.1 cup of lentils provides 2.52 milligrammes per cup.


Pumpkin seeds or pine nuts add crunch. They provide 2.17 mg and 1.8 mg, respectively.

Versatile Nuts

Whole grains are healthy. Raw oats have 2.95 mg of zinc per cup, while cooked brown rice has 1.38 mg. Two slices of whole-wheat bread provide 1.12 mg.

Whole Grains

Many breakfast cereals contain zinc. According to the NIH, 1 cup gives 2.8 mg. Check the nutrition label to discover how much your favourite brands offer.

Fortified Breakfast

Nonfat and low-fat milk both contain 1.1 mg of the mineral per cup. 1 cup of nonfat or low-fat plain yoghurt has 2.38 or 2.2 mg.

Milk and Dairy Foods 

Zinc is in dark chocolate. Darker, better: 60 to 69 percent cacao cultivars have 0.75 mg per ounce, whereas 70 to 85 percent have 0.9 mg.

Dark Chocolate 

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