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Cannabis Dosing – Finding The Right Dose

If there is one topic we hear the most discussion about among recreational and medical cannabis consumers, it’s dosing. It’s a very complicated yet significant topic. Here we offer some answers to common issues about the subject of cannabis dosing.

Why Isn’t Cannabis Dosing Labeled On the Package?

There are various factors to consider when recommending a proper dose of marijuana. Prescription and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals offer recommended doses as guidelines. However, it’s only through careful monitoring and analysis by your doctor that you can find the “right” amount for you to take. Until doctors come to understand cannabis therapy better, it’s up to you to find the right amount to take.

What Factors Affect Cannabis Dosage?

Here are just a few of the reasons cannabis is difficult to precisely dose:

Every human’s physiology is different, so we all metabolize marijuana in different ways. Age, gender, metabolism, sleep levels, physical health and mental state, could all dull or intensify cannabis’ effects.

Food – Ingesting cannabis on an empty stomach (even if you’re inhaling) can yield different results.

Strain – The concentration of cannabinoids will differ greatly from one marijuana phenotype to the next. 

What form is the cannabis in? Edibles require a higher percentage of THC to have the same effect as a dab of hash oil, (though the effects last much longer.)

Tolerance – This is a big one. The more cannabis you consume in a sitting, the more your body needs to get those similar effects. In other words, if you’ve been indulging more than usual, your “sweet spot” might require an increased amount of cannabis for your desired effect.

How To Find the Right Dose of Cannabis

Start low and go slow. Remember that you can always have more but just like a one-way street, you can’t go back. Begin with a small amount and see how it makes you feel. Wait until the effects wear off and hold off for a suitable amount of time to avoid rapidly building tolerance. Until you find the dose that correlates with your desired effect you’ll have to continue the process. You don’t have to keep records of dosages, but it could be tremendously helpful. The more details you log (your food intake, emotional state, the specific strain you consumed, etc.) the more reliable your results.

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