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Can Marijuana Improve Your Workout?

There are some who insist that working out while high on cannabis improves their results. There are still more who insist that marijuana and working out don’t mix. So which is it: Does pot improve your workout?

First, a Dose of Reality

Although the thought of powering through a circuit training workout with a cigar-sized joint hanging from your sweaty lip is objectively hilarious, it’s a broad leap from reality. The truth is that adding marijuana to your workout routine isn’t for everybody. Even though cannabis is a banned substance in almost every sport with anti-doping regulations, there is no medical evidence that it enhances athletic performance. In fact, there is evidence that smoking herb can degrade peak performance. This, paired with the effects inhaling smoke has on your lungs, and the fact that cannabis can elevate your heart rate and blood pressure means it’s probably a good idea to skip the spliff when you’re preparing for an intense, cardiovascular exercise session.

Marijuana also impairs your judgment and slows your reflexes. This makes it a dangerous choice for those engaging in risky routines such as rollerblading, biking, climbing, and lifting free weights. Always exercise safely and never use any dangerous equipment while you’re high.

The Good News

Marijuana can still improve your workout regimen in some indirect ways.

Cannabis can make exercise fun!

Cannabis is known to heighten the enjoyment of repetitive activities. So if you’re someone who gets easily bored by running, a little bit of weed might motivate you to run farther and longer. It may also help with overcoming workout anxiety for those who are finding it difficult to get motivated to begin a new exercise regimen.

Marijuana can help you recover faster

Many athletes consume CBD either in vapor or edible form to speed up the recovery process after an injury. The sooner you recover faster, the sooner you can get back into the gym and continue bettering your health. Both THC and CBD have been reported by consumers to be useful in alleviating soreness and cramping after a tough workout.

Weed can help you sleep

If you exercise late in the day, cannabis can help you relax and get a restful sleep. This allows your body to recover and efficiently repair itself.

Though it’s probably not going to make you faster, stronger or more powerful in the short term, cannabis can be a useful exercise motivator and recovery tool when used responsibly. If you want to learn more about the potential benefits of marijuana, contact us at The 1 Delivery and chat with our staff. And don’t forget to ask about our specials-they’re a great way to try new strains of marijuana to see which keeps your exercise regimen on track.

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