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10 Cannabis Strains For Migraines

With over 37 million Americans suffering from migraines, it’s clear that this is a serious health problem. Around 3 million migraine cases are chronic, and given the debilitating nature of migraines there are millions of people who also suffer from a lower quality of life because of this condition. Migraines also come with co-occurring disorders and side effects such as vomiting, nausea, constipation, drowsiness, dizziness, and insomnia.

If you suffer from migraines, here are the 10 best cannabis strains to help:

  • Girl Scout Cookies offers a deep sense of euphoria that relaxes the mind and body. This award-winning strain is legendary for pain relief, as well as nausea and appetite loss. If your migraines make it difficult to fall asleep, Girl Scout Cookies also acts as a sleep remedy.
  • Sour Diesel is an invigorating strain that is loved by migraine patients for its ability to offer fast-acting relief from pain. Sour Diesel is also used by patients to fight stress and depression. This excellent sativa is ideal for daytime medication; don’t let your productivity be hampered by your migraines since Sour Diesel is known for enabling creative juices to flow.
  • Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid that hails from California. Blue Dream delivers full-body relaxation and cerebral invigoration while beating pain from migraines. Blue Dream is also recommended if you also suffer from nausea, depression, and insomnia. This strain is well-loved by novices and pros alike, and is a good choice for daytime medication.
  • Lemon Kush is a refreshing, citrusy strain that users love for its uplifting and creative high. This is a great strain to medicate with for migraines that will have you forgetting about the pain because of its efficacy as well as the euphoric state of mind it induces.
  • Northern Lights is one of the most popular strains of all time, and it’s no surprise why. A true indica, Northern Lights is a powerful painkilling strain with potent relaxation properties. This strain is well-loved by pain patients of all kinds – whether you suffer from acute or chronic migraines, Northern Lights will relax you from head to toe while beating pain right out of the park.
  • Cannatonic is a celebrated strain known for its high CBD and low THC count. Cannatonic is perfect for migraine patients who need relief without the buzz. Although Cannatonic is a hybrid, users report feeling more of its indica-like properties. Its high CBD percentage makes this strain a superior choice for almost any medical condition including migraines.
  •  Harlequin is a hard-to-find strain but with well-known painkilling properties. In some cases, Harlequin strains contain as much as 11% CBD – ideal for patients who don’t want the buzz of THC. Patients love Harlequin’s unique subtle effects, the euphoria and focus it delivers, and the relief it provides from both stress and pain.
  • White Widow is a world-famous strain; the love child of a South Indian indica and a South American Sativa. White Widow is known for producing a creative, relaxed, and euphoric high while offering powerful reprieve from pain as well as stress and depression. This is an iconic strain for its medicinal properties – migraine patients can’t go wrong with White Widow.
  • OG Kush is a potent hybrid, with THC levels reaching as much as 27%. The effects of OG Kush are more cerebral, but patients love its ability to induce happiness while killing pain. OG Kush is extremely relaxing; it’s no surprise that this strain is widely used for the treatment of extreme stress and anger management.
  •  Pineapple Express is one of the most delicious strains to medicate with. One puff will have you feeling like you’re sitting on a Hawaiian beach, sipping on a pina colada. But don’t let its delightful flavor sway you: Pineapple Express is much more than that. This strain is powerful with 17% THC content, and is used by patients for the treatment of migraines and pain. Pineapple Express is highly recommended if you need medication that will leave you feeling positive, uplifted, and happy. If migraines make you dizzy and ruin your appetite, Pineapple Express will sort you out good.

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